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Responsive image Himalayan Natural Spring Water (Alkaline) From the Pristine valley of Chummey, Bumthang BAFRA - GHP/GMP
Lic No: FSL-B/19/A023

Taste the Mountain Spring

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About Us

Sole selling agent for India and Bangladesh region

Sunshine (fssai No. 22819035000307)

399 Dumdum Park, Kolkatta-700055 (India)

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Small Aqua Bhutan Natural Spring Water

About Us

Our water is graciously tapped from the naturally-formed spring water flowing through the pristine forest located on a hillside of Chumey Valley in Bumthang. Our dedicated and caring team are then actively involved in carefully packaging this nature-gift under strict and regulated hygienic condition, so that you can enjoy it in the purest form possible. Aqua Bhutan drinkers will instantly feel the difference why our water is nothing like you have tasted before.

Quality & Hygiene

Aqua Bhutan has been recognised and certified by BAFRA as a practitioner of GHP/GMP (Good Hygienic and manufacturing Practices). Read more about BAFRA - GHP/GMP

Nature & Purity

We do not add any chemicals or flavours whatsoever. The natural spring water and its purity is maintained right from its source to every carefully packaged bottle that you drink up.

Services & Development

We pledge to provide outstanding services with utmost care & love to our customers and subsequently contribute towards our national socio-economic progress.

1 Ltr. Aqua Bhutan

Small Aqua Bhutan Natural Spring Water
[Small Aqua Bhutan Natural Spring Water] 12PACK


500ml Aqua Bhutan

Small Aqua Bhutan Natural Spring Water
[Small Aqua Bhutan Natural Spring Water] 24PACK


Our Water

Natural Mineral Water costs minimum Rs - 85 /- per litre. While Natural Alkaline Mineral Water Costs Minimum Rs-350/- per Litre.
But Our Price Rs - 40/- per Litre. It is also better then others because our plant is located in an unpolluted nature and oxygen rich place.
Our plant is located at an altitude of 2600 Miters at CHUMEY BUMTHANG BHUTAN.
Our water contains natural electrolytes that helps you revitalize your mind and body the natural way. Studies show that drinking mountain spring water can help in reducing joint and muscle inflammation. It can also help in improving the circulation system. Another benefit of drinking spring water is that it helps in natural detoxification of your body.

Every bottle of Aqua Bhutan is put through a rigorous multi stage purification process which includes Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, U.V Treatment & Ozonisation.